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Do you know how our ancestors used to farm for their livelihood? Do you know what natural remedies were available to them to deal with any illness? Do you know how healthy and nutritious their food habits were? If your answer is “no,” then you should read this article carefully.

In today’s fast-paced world, we have become so busy in our lives that we often neglect our diet and health. Most of what we eat is chemical-laden processed food, which harms our bodies. Most of what we grow is done using chemical fertilizers and pesticides, which continuously pollute our environment. Whenever we fall sick, we mostly try to get better by consuming more chemical medicines, which further weaken our bodies.

In this way, we trap ourselves in a chemical cycle that deteriorates both our health and the environment. But can we break free from this? Can we give our lives a new direction? Can we go back to our roots?

The answer is yes. We can use organic and natural substances to improve our lives. We can make our farming organic and sustainable. We can make our food nutritious. We can treat all our ailments with organic, natural remedies.

"Back to Roots" Initiative by Organics4U

With this goal in mind, a new and unique initiative has been launched called “Back to Roots.” This initiative is by Organics4U, a company that deals in organic and natural products and services. Organics4U was founded by Deepesh Kumar, Kaja Nagaraj, and Vijay Chauhan, who are themselves active in the field of organic farming.

The main aim of “Back to Roots” is to raise awareness among people about organic and natural lifestyle, provide them with the opportunity to benefit from organic and natural products and services, and provide them with the opportunity to learn and understand organic and sustainable farming.

Under this initiative, Organics4U has organized a special farming event where you can visit an organic farm with your family for a day and learn about organic and sustainable farming practices. You will have the opportunity to participate in various activities on the farm, such as:

Seeing and understanding organic farming techniques like organic fertilizers, organic pesticides, organic seeds, crop rotation, etc.

Seeing, touching, and tasting various crops grown on the organic farm, such as grains, pulses, vegetables, fruits, spices, etc.

Seeing, feeding, and caring for various animals raised on the organic farm, such as cows, buffaloes, goats, etc.

Seeing, smelling, and selecting various types of plants grown on the organic farm, such as medicinal, aromatic, flowering, etc.

Participating in various workshops organized on the organic farm, such as vermicomposting, biodynamic farming, natural farming, etc., and gaining knowledge related to them.

Seeing, buying, and consuming various types of organic and natural products made on the organic farm, such as flour, pulses, oil, ghee, tea, honey, pickles, etc.

This farming event will benefit you and your family in many ways, such as:

Increasing your knowledge of organic and sustainable farming, will enable you to make better choices in your diet.

Experiencing the taste and benefits of organic and natural products, improves your health and nutrition.

Seeing and feeling the beneficial effects of organic and sustainable farming, increases your respect and responsibility towards the environment.

Having the opportunity to interact with farmers and workers working in the field of organic and sustainable farming, learning about their hard work and challenges.

Learning about employment or entrepreneurial opportunities in the field of organic and sustainable farming, will enable you to build your future.

Learning about developments in the field of organic and sustainable farming, enhances your knowledge and skills.


Beneficial for Children:

This farming event has many benefits for your children, too. They will understand the importance of natural farming and learn from its practices, inspiring them towards a natural lifestyle.

Educational Activities:

Children will be educated about different types and techniques of farming. They will understand various aspects of farming, such as organic fertilizers, organic pesticides, and crop rotation.

Taste and Education:

Children will taste various natural products like grains, fruits, vegetables, etc., increasing their awareness about nutrition.

Inspiration for a Natural Lifestyle:

Through this event, children will understand the importance of a natural lifestyle and be encouraged to live a healthy life.

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Fun and Educational Games for Children:

In this farming event, children can also enjoy fun games and educational activities. They can participate in activities like pottery, flour milling, bio-scope, breaking pots, tube baths, spinning tops, karom, etc.


"Grow Naturally"

Through Organics4U, you can buy seeds, fertilizers, and agricultural tools. Also, you can take advice from their experts about farming. They will assist you at every step so that you can grow fresh and chemical-free food at home.


"Back to Roots"

So, what are you waiting for? Join Organics4U’s “Back to Roots” campaign today. Connect with nature, eat healthy food, and stay away from diseases. Remember, if the land is healthy, we will also remain healthy.


This campaign is being conducted throughout India. You can visit Organics4U’s website or social media pages for more information.
This campaign is not just about farming but also about adopting a healthy lifestyle. So, become a part of it and bring positive changes to your life.

Let’s bring back the time when our plates were free from poison, and life used to flourish!

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